Getting on Track with The Venom

On Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, the students of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University received an email attached with a survey titled “FAMU VENOM TRAK App” which can potentially change the way that students are able to maneuver around campus for the better.

When taking the survey that was created by FAMU’s Student Government Association, students are able to share the experiences they have had with the shuttle service. It asks students a series of questions such as if they have ever missed the Venom, if they have ever had issues with the Venom arriving late, and even if the student thinks that an app to track the Venom’s location is useful to them.

“The app would function like the Uber application so that you are able to track the busses whereabouts.” Says Solomon Lamar, a sophomore senator and Business Administration student who serves as chairman of the committee. “The legislative and executive branch is working on getting the app out to the student body ASAP.”

Many students use the Venom every single day on campus, whether it is to be able to get to their classes or get dropped off in front of the café to get food. It is a system that is very vital to campus life.

“By implementing the Venom tracker idea, it would eliminate waiting times. There are times that students have waited thirty minutes to an hour on a shuttle. Especially on the weekend.”  Says Zanae Arnold, a third year pre-occupational therapy student who lives on campus and has taken the survey presented by SGA.

“I live at Palmetto South Apartments in the back of campus.” She explains, “I look forward to being able to know when exactly the shuttles are coming so I can know how to prepare myself and when to leave my location and I look forward to great beginnings with the shuttle service.”

The Venom runs Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:45pm every fifteen minutes, and from 4:45pm to 10:00pm every thirty minutes.

Although a tracker for The Venom is in the works, the app is actually not something new to the campus. According to SGA Chairman, Lamar, in previous years, FAMU has paired with the City of Tallahassee’s StarMetro Bus Transportation services. When this contract existed, students were able to use an app by the name of “Trans Lock” to track the shuttles.

“I do feel like the tracker would be very beneficial so that we who ride it will be able to plan and work around our schedules accordingly.” Says Destini Nau, a second year pre-nursing student. “It becomes very time consuming when you have to stand and wait for The Venom, not knowing exactly when it will arrive.”