Senate on the Run looks to bridge gap between SGA and student body

Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association hosted its Senate on the Run event Wednesday. The event was an opportunity for senators and leaders in SGA to come out and get involved with the student body as food was served free of charge.

Senate on the Run is an event held throughout the semester in both Fall and Spring as an opportunity for students and SGA to get out and mingle. It’s also an opportunity for students to voice concerns to members of SGA.

“A lot of students don’t know about SGA and the wonderful things that we do because students don’t actually take the time to participate or try to understand the process, But I feel as if SGA is doing the job that we need to do,” said Jaelen Jackson, 48th Student Senate Pro Tempore.

Jackson added: “What I feel that we can improve on is our marketability, being relatable, and actually being liaisons to the student body. Being that we all serve the students the students should know everything that we’re doing, and we should make more of an effort to influence the student body.”

He added that SGA is always working on behalf of student originations to secure much-needed changes where they are needed. As revealed by SGA’s Solomon Lamar: “Several organizations have come this school year. And last school year, concerns that they have going into this fiscal year. And we took those voices into consideration and we’re lobbying on their behalf.”

Lamar continued: “For example, the Marching 100 has come and spoken to us due to lack of funding, and our senate president took it upon himself to take out his discretion to pay for the last two home games, so they can have meals and different things of that nature. So they won’t be out playing dehydrated and without meals.”

SGA has had it’s fair share of troubles in the past, especially with the past administration. But it looks as if those worried about the issues surrounding SGA have nothing to fear, as Lamar and Jackson both affirmed.

“All of the stories that have came out recently that have been putting SGA in question, those issues have been resolved,” Jackson said. “SGA is in a good space right now, being that you asked that question means that there has to be some concern within the student body. But I would just encourage anyone that feels that way or stands on that side of the opinion bracket to come out and actually get involved with SGA and see what we really have going on.”

Lamar continued: “For example, a survey was just sent out a couple of days ago Venom Tracker app, meaning we’re trying to enhance the student body by giving them something they can actually use. The Venom Tracker app is the same type of thing as an Uber in that you’ll be able to track the Venom bus system and see where it’s at on campus at all times, so you won’t be standing at the bus stop for 30 plus minutes.”

Lamar added: “So different things of that nature are something SGA is trying to do, but to the student body’s eyes they wouldn’t know that because they don’t come and get this information that right here plain in front of their eyes. They don’t read their e-mail’s. Everything we do, is basically on YouTube, on FAMU SGA page, it’s literally for you. There’re no closed-door meetings, everything is for the students, by the students.”

The overall goal of Senate on the Run, and of SGA in general, is to bridge the gap between the student body and the student government. SGA lmembers want to erase the negative stigmatization that most students have about student governments.