FAMU Alumni fashion show impacts the Tallahassee community

Malik Alrahim, Lockhart District LLC and Power Circle Entertainment Group LLC filled The Moon, a local nightclub, on Sept. 9 for their first collaborative fashion show of the year ‘ELAN’. Florida A&M University alumni Alexis Lockhart and Malik Alrahim partnered up to create the vision for the show and exceeded the expectations of the show.

The mission of this fashion show was to celebrate and promote local retail owners, and aspiring models.

Alexis Lockhart, marketing director for ‘ELAN’ said, “Using this show as a platform to provide exposure to local designers and models is what makes our show different than the collegiate level shows, we use what we love to give back to our community.”

The show consisted of local fashion designers, fashion stylists, makeup artists and hairstylist, all who collaborated with a diverse group of models to showcase new styles for the upcoming season. There were also vendors selling natural hair products, skin products, custom designed pieces, food and more.

The first scene started the momentum of the show by captivating the crowd with all-white attire. African inspired looks were also showcased by the use of embroidery on different pieces.

Lockhart also showcased her own, new denim collection. Her collection focuses on bringing unity through an All-American brand and transforming it into a new and enhanced collection for African-Americans. The models wore custom denim clothing that included embellishments and hand painted statement quotes.

The models concluded by sharing their appreciation for the designers for providing the clothing for the show.

“I loved the entire process preparing for this big show,” Daiquana Ware, a featured model, said. “The designers were so helpful and gave us some of the most beautiful clothing. My favorite part was modeling the elegant and long blue dress as the main piece for the scene.”  

Malik Alrahim, Director of ‘ELAN’ and Lockhart then expressed their appreciation for all of the support and announced that future events will be taking place. They both plan to continue to empower the community by building an African-American based fashion market in Tallahassee.

“We want to make a major impact on the Tallahassee community through the art of execution,” Alrahim said. “If we don’t help promote our own people who else will? We are using fashion to tell the story of our culture.”  

Alrahim expressed that this is only the beginning for the team. Lockhart mentioned on behalf of the collaborating parties that a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Big Bend Community Based Care.