FAMU Career Center a valuable resource

The Career Center at Florida A&M University (FAMU) offers different services to students through different initiatives with the goal to give students the preparation for the professional world.   

The Career Center offers resume critiques, job search strategies, career coaching, professional development workshops and engagement with employers.

Asiah Belligner, a third- year biology pre-med major, attended a resume workshop hosted by the FAMU Career Center. She enjoyed her experience and took away some useful tips on a resume.

“[Students] were fortunate enough to meet with a representative for a handshake who showed us valuable ways of utilizing the platform so that we can present competitive profiles for future employers to see,” said Bellinger. “We also got the chance to learn from professionals from the center who presented useful tips on refining our resumes and proper planning.”

The Career Center helps 8,000 students and alumni of FAMU.

IT has established partnerships with Dow, Microsoft, Oracle, Enterprise Rental Car and Texas Instruments.

Shereada Harrell, director of FAMU’S Career and Professional Development  Center, wants to develop a connection with all the Fortune 500 companies.

Christopher Anderson, the internship coordinator and FAMU – FSU engineering career center liaison, spends one day a week at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering campus working alongside FSU’s career liaison helping with career development.

“Because their major is tech-heavy, there is not a lot of opportunities for professional development for FAMU and FSU students. FSU also has a career liaison where we do all of the same services,” Anderson said. “[Career Center] wants to help the engineering students market their tech, hard skills, and soft skills all as one.”

Anderson has served in the liaison position for nine months. He says that time management has helped him in effectively serving both campuses.

“It’s really just time management, and a lot of attention to detail,”  Anderson said. “Also, to be attentive to every student, and all of their wants and needs. If you are organized, time management, attention to detail, and care and concern for the students. Then you’ll be OK,” Anderson said.

Career Fair Expo is taking place Sept. 26, 2018. Harrel is expecting 135 employers, but she expects the number to rise once the date gets closer.