Is your attire allowed at FAMU?

Florida A&M University has a dress code that many students are not aware of. It is easy to see that many do not know it exists.

Channel Mothersille, a FAMU student studying health science, said she did not know FAMU has a dress code policy.

"What is the dress code?  I know we are supposed to wear something appropriate for school,” she said. “I don't think we should have to wear a certain color but you should not be walking around with short-shorts on or your nipples showing because I have definitely seen some of that on this campus.

 “Some outfits are not for everyone,” she added. “You don't want to draw the wrong attention."

FAMU’s dress standards states examples of inappropriate dress such as pajamas, midriffs or halters, mesh, netted shirts, tube tops, cutoff T-shirts, caps, pants below waistline revealing undergarments, do-rags and/ or hoods in classrooms.

The policy states that students should dress in a way that shows respect for themselves and others. FAMU expects students attending the university to dress in ways that uplift their sense of decency, culture and professionalism. Certain types of clothing can reflect negatively on the university and can even disrupt the educational process.

The few individuals who said they were aware of the dress code standards believe that there have been many violations on FAMU’s campus.

"I actually know that we have a dress code and I don' think it is being followed at all. I think we should have a dress code to a certain extent because sometimes I see some questionable outfits. You do not want your butt hanging out in class. It is more distracting to me and others,” said Kendra Pate, a health science major at FAMU.

Every person expresses himself or herself uniquely. What may be comfortable for one may not be comfortable for the other. That is why many people feel dress codes are necessary and should be enforced.

Antoneia Roe, the associate vice president dean of students in the division of student affairs, says that since she has been in her position earlier this year there have not been any violations that made it to her desk.

The opportunity to allow students to wear their own wardrobes allows many people to see creativity and diversity on campus. In the end the dress code is in place for students and faculty to be mindful of their environment. There is a common statement that says, "If you can't wear it in front of your grandmother, don't wear it all."

For more information on FAMU dress code policy visit your FAMU website or student handbook.