FAMU students need to utilize Domi Station

Domi Station interior entrance 
Photo credit: Brielle Crooms

Open since 2014, the Domi Station is a 8,000-square-foot incubator that provides workspaces for Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU) students and faculty. Each institution has contracts to guarantee an area for their students. 

Domi Station is a coworking space that offers spacious work areas for groups. It is intended to be utilized for group meeting areas and collaborative work space. The station also offers events, programs and resources for entrepreneurs to build their brand and compact companies to evaluate their operations.

Sabrina Torres, director of community, was able to elaborate on what the Domi Station has to offer: “Available to all FAMU and FSU students, also it is for students who are working on a company depending on which stage they are on, we can also offer access to the facility to help them grow it.”

Domi Station includes an incubator program, GET STARTED is designed to empower the growth of companies who are at their beginning stages. The program allows these companies with resources such as: mentoring, networking connections, office space and more. This program will run for six months with the company where it includes intensive training for three consecutive months followed by company development for the remaining three months. This program costs $600 per team but free for students.

Torres elaborated on the program by saying, “The first three months are facilitated classes, it's a once a week facilitated class. And after those three months they move into an implementation stage where they do not come to a class but that’s when they start executing.”

For post-program opportunities at Domi Station, there is access to alumni of the program. Torres stated, “After that we provide a discount in their memberships via alumni and that still gives you access to the mentors, to the space and you just keep building.”

These services would be beneficial to all FAMU students, especially uprising entrepreneurs. There are even individuals who would like to see more FAMU students use the facility, specifically a FSU student, Niyada Thomas that uses the Domi Station.

Thomas, an editing writing media major said, “Maybe about a year ago, one of my group members suggested this place to come and use. We knew that the Strozier library was packed and of all places in town this turned out to be the perfect location to come and do our last few assignments for the semester back in April. I still sometimes come here, because I know the facility is quiet where I can get so much work done. It would be nice to see more FAMU students use the area as I would it would allow me to network with them.”

Front of Domi Station
Photo credit: Brielle Crooms

The question is, why aren’t more FAMU students utilizing this fantastic facility? It has so much to offer and it is so close to campus.

The community stategist at Domi Station can definitely vouch to its usefulness by saying, "As a member and employee of Domi Station, I've seen the many benefits of being a part of such a thriving entrepreneurial community. The atmosphere is catered to the entrepreneur, allowing us to create without construction. I'm thankful for Domi, because the space and other members motivate me daily to accomplish my goals. I love it!" 

Located at 914 Railroad Ave, it is less than a half-mile from FAMU’s campus. If you’re on foot it’s less than a 10 minute walk.

The facility is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and tours can be made by appointments. For members the facility is open for 24/7 usage.

To keep up with Domi Station updates and events with their following social media platforms: Twitter: @DomiStationTLH; Instagram: @domistation; Facebook: @domistation. Or check out the website – http://www.domistation.com.