Terry K. Hunter returns to Foster-Tanner

Florida A&M University alumnus Terry K. Hunter held a reception of “The Grid Comes Full Circle” at the Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery.

Foster-Tanner gallery Director and FAMU alumna Aja Roache had jazz music flooding the atmosphere, setting a great vibe at last Thursday’s event. Pictures were hung up everywhere.

In the gallery, the pictures were created be Hunter’s very own students. These students are from various different universities such as South Carolina, Claflin, and Clemson University.

“I’m very supportive of any in-house exhibits that we have. It’s a wonderful venue that we have here for students to be able to show and present their own artwork and show off the merits of their hard work. I always want to show support to make sure events like this can continue happening,” said Stephen “Esper” Supplice a fourth-year graphic design and psychology scholar.

Hunter has been an artist and educator for more than 45 years. Hunter is known as a distinguished alumnus of Florida A&M University’s fine arts program.

“The Grid Comes Full Circle” is an exhibition that highlights the work created by students under his instruction between 1977 through 2010. Grids are also tied to Hunter's work and his work is basically a format. At the open reception, FAMU students and faculty came to the gallery not only to witness his artwork but meet Hunter in person. These drawings and prints are from the South Carolina years, the Claflin years, and the FACETS years (2006-Present), Hunter said.

Currently, Hunter is an executive director at Fine Arts Cultural Enrichment Teaching Studios (FACETS).

“It was really important to me as an art director and FAMU alumni to have someone who, got their education at FAMU, here at the art program and is coming back to share his experience as our educator and as an artist. Hunter has always been very much of a supporter of the FAMU Fine Arts program,”  Roache said.