Set Friday back in full swing


When you think of the word “tradition,” what comes to mind? Family, spirit and maybe even fun.

Well, when you step foot on Florida A&M University a part of the tradition you may hear about is “Set Friday,” overseen by the Office of Student Activities. This social event takes place every Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., where students have the opportunity to shop, eat and socialize.

William Clemm II, director of Student Union and Activities, said that this semester Set Friday has a lot in store to bring back the campus life. He pushed the issue to FAMU’s official DJ “LooseKid” to make sure that Fridays are for everyone and not just for students to sit back and watch organizations stroll the whole time. The Office of Student Union and Activities has made changes to make sure that on Fridays the environment is even more enjoyable for students by offering chances to win prizes in raffles such as iPads, flat screens, umbrellas and more.

“Check us out, come on out, and get involved on campus. Check us out on iStrike. We’re pushing everything out on iStrike,” Clemm said.

Clemm also said that they have commercials and videos that will be posted on the website to draw students’ attention since social media is the go-to source for information.

“Ambition is what makes me grind, the hustle is what makes me shine,” said Jonathan David, sophomore multimedia editor.

David said that different videos are important when it comes to the iStrike website because it’s good to keep content coming so that when students are looking through the website they will have multiple avenues that can capture their attention and have them wanting to get involved. He says that it’s important to have great quality and also to draw the attention of individuals who may be considering Florida A&M University as their choice to enroll.

“Since I’m a native of Tallahassee, Set Fridays are nothing new for me. Yet, it still never fails to surprise me with how much I enjoy it. Even though it’s hot and there’s so many people around, with the food, vendors and DJs, that’s just our tradition that I will always love,” said Deja Clements, a freshman business student.