Northrop Grumman returns to FAMU

One of Florida A&M University’s major partners, Northrop Grumman,  returned to the campus this week to recruit students for internships and future jobs.

Students from all classifications gathered in the Rattlers Den for Wednesday’s welcome back event. 

Northrop Grumman hosts the welcome back barbecue every year as a way to introduce the company to new prospective interns and let them know about the many opportunities that are offered. 

First-year student Mark Allen was told to attend for a grade but says that he doesn’t regret going. The event gave him new connections that weren’t available before and opened his eyes to see that there are higher goals that he can strive for. 

“My goal is to network and gain more insight on what to put on my resume,” said Allen. “Most importantly, I just want to start getting my name out there and I feel like this definitely helped me do that.”

The event was an informal gathering introducing students to the program and gave students the opportunity to present their resumes for editing. 

“Originally, I was just coming to look around, but now I see they’re helping with resumes so I’m going to pull mine up and have them take a look. I’ve never really had a professional look at it before, so it’s pretty cool that they're offering this,” said fourth-year student Mafuor Tanji.

Many students benefited from the event, whether it be the resume workshop or simply the free barbecue.

“I like this event, it’s very interactive. I came by myself but I don’t feel alone because I’ve been talking to everyone who came,” said a  first year student at FAMU. 

The event has opened doors for FAMU students in past. Aneil Wilson interned with the company in California summer of 2018 and shared her experience. 

“The experience overall was pretty amazing, not only because I was in California, but it was just the fact that I could go so far away from home but still feel at ease,” says Wilson . “They treated all the interns kinda like family. They made sure each of us were able to have a good experience while at the internship. They let us explore different aspects of the company. We weren’t set to do one thing only, it was diverse and I appreciated that.”  

Wilson is set to go back next summer to intern with Northrop Grumman once again.