FAMU Senate approves documents to keep fall elections on track


Senator Christopher Miller addresses his colleagues.
(Photo by Albert Hayes)

Senators discussed and approved the four necessary election documents to ensure the seamless execution of student elections for the aspiring candidates. 

Senator Christopher Miller, elections and appointments chairman presented the documents earlier this week for approval.

Senator Miller presented the Voter’s Bill of Rights to the Senate. 

There was one reservation prior to voting. In the Voter’s Bill of Rights under the Rules and Regulations,
Point B stated “there will be no candidate/or representative leading voters to the polls.” 

Senator Asia Strong said, “This happens literally every year.” 

There was small discussion about whether Point B should be kept or struck.

Miller interjected and said, “If a picture has not been taken and sent to the electoral commissioner and her staff, then there is no way to prove that it happened.” 

After the motion was passed and seconded, it had an unanimous approval. All 13 senators voted to approve the document, none were against and none abstained. The other documents that had gone through the approval process were the anticipated dates for the Fall 2018 elections, the point system and the electoral commissioner’s list of volunteers.  

The list of volunteers had very little hesitation prior to its approval. Senator Jean-Baptiste asked “what exactly would the volunteers be doing?” Miller replied by saying that the volunteers may or may not be used and that it is at the discretion of the electoral commissioner, Annie Moore, to use all or none of the volunteers. 

None of these documents had revisions made to them except for the date on each document. All of the documents were approved by a vote of 13 supporting the approval, none were against and none abstained. 

Miller said, “We’re waiting on the Judicial Branch to approve the policies and procedures.” The judicial branch will be meeting at 3 p.m. Friday with SGA President David Jackson III where he will be serving as an associate justice. Quorum cannot be met without him serving.

Upon the approval of the policies and procedures by the Judicial Branch, the dates for the election season will be solidified. Once Miller and Moore receive confirmation from the judicial branch they will be sending a memorandum to the student body to inform students of the approved dates for the fall election season.