Former FAMU football player’s memory lives on

The Jonathan A.P. Ferrell Foundation, Inc. was established in 2015, and is based in Tallahassee. It was founded by Georgia Ferrell, Jonathan’s mother, and was created to bring awareness of police brutality and to help everyone in the community come together.

Five years ago, Ferrell, a former standout football player at FAMU, was a victim of police brutality. He was shot 10 times and killed in Charlottesville, North Carolina, in a case that drew national attention for weeks. Ferrell was shot after he got into a car accident. After his accident he sought help from a nearby home, and the owner called the police on him as if he was a threat, yet he was unarmed.

The Jonathan A.P. Ferrell foundation is best known for its classic football games featuring Tallahassee high schools like Rickards and Godby, attracting thousands of individuals to attend. The foundation helped to put on the second annual classic football game at Bragg Memorial Stadium that featured a doubleheader on Aug. 18 and donated $4,000 for each game. Godby faced Miami Northwestern, and Rickards faced Carol City.

However, Mrs. Ferrell emphasizes that it is a non-profit organization with a mission to truly help the community.

“We want to help young people reach their goals, through scholarships. We want people coming together as one nation,” said Georgia Ferrell, “We want the community and officers to be a bridge between the public and officers and come together as one. I know it’s still happening, but I want to eliminate anyone being killed in this way.”

Stanley Fontaine, an IB psychology teacher at Rickards High School, is impressed with what Ferrell is doing with the foundation.

“I think the foundation is instrumental in bringing awareness to an issue that is plaguing the United States, and that is police brutality,” he said.

“We want people to really know that Johnathan believed in education, equality, and showing love,” Georgia Ferrell, said. “This is truly a non-profit organization and we are raising money to make sure our people get what they need whether it’s education, healthcare, or anything that’s needed.

The foundation plans to put on another headliner game next year but with different schools. That way kids from everywhere can be aware and understand the foundation’s mission. The foundation starts preparing for next year’s classic game in September.

Georgia Ferrell said she is not against partnering with other foundations but wants to ensure that they would be on one accord with the mission.

The foundation plans on providing hot meals to those who are hungry at least once or twice in November. They also plan to give back to the community during the Christmas holiday.

Donations can be given via Facebook, Bank of America, or mailed to 12661 Roalde Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32317.