Cancun’s Sports Bar and Grill a popular spot



Cancun’s Sports Bar and Grill is located on West Tennessee Street, directly across from West 10 apartments. It is a small Mexican sports bar that serves burritos and other Mexican bites along with daily drink specials. Each night there is a live DJ and great food and drinks. Friday and Saturday nights are their most popular nights. Customers love their 2-for-1 drink special. Their most popular entrees are the Cancun quesadillas layered with delicious tender steak, shrimp, grilled vegetables and cheese. The Cancun nachos are layered with chicken, steak, shrimp, a plethora of toppings of your choice and a creamy cheese sauce.

They also serve wings and burgers. On Mondays, they have 65-cent wings and each day of the week there is a different special going on.

For starters, a server brings you a complimentary basket of chips and salsa. Your order drink order is taken, and you are able to look over the menu while your server retrieves your drinks.

The price of the food is reasonable; there is nothing over $25.

The bar is stocked with beer and liquor and most nights it’s hard to get a seat at the bar.

The food comes out to you steaming hot. It is delicious; a little messy because there tends to be a lot of grease but nonetheless mouthwatering.

Service is quick despite the crowd and the servers are polite and knowledgeable. There is usually a line to enter when visiting on the weekends and sometimes customers experience wait times between one and two hours to receive a table. After a certain time and if the crowd begins to grow there will be a bouncer at the door checking IDs.

If you are seated inside and not out of the terrace the music can be very loud and the colorful strobe lights can be a bit distracting if you are trying to converse with someone at your table; you may have to raise your voice a bit to be heard over the music.

Overall Cancun’s Sports Bar and Grill is a nice place to consider when going out with friends or a significant other. The overall atmosphere is exciting and the food is delicious as well.