Frost running for county commission


Helping to create a better place to live for not only his family, but also every family that calls this area home, is what drives Kyle Frost’s passion for local government seat.

Frost grew up in Tallahassee and grew up enjoying everything Leon County has to offer.

After his graduation from Chiles High School he went off to the University of Central Florida.

Frost has been an EDI analyst at Capital Health Plan for four years. At 19, he decided that working full-time while attending school part-time was more beneficial to his learning style, as well as setting him up to further accomplish his goals. This led to his transferring from UCF to Tallahassee Community College.

Teaching himself programming at the age of 13, he aspired to be in the computer science field. However, after finding a passion for government and public service, he has decided to pursue a career of public service.

Rebecca Bandy, Frost’s high school teacher, always knew he was destined to do great things. He always stood out from the crowd, she said.

“Kyle was one of my students that was always self-driven and determined to succeed. He would mostly spend his lunch hour in my classroom working hard away at projects and producing content for his App Business. He had a thing for always trying to make things better. Just like what he’s trying to do as commissioner,” said Bandy.

After careful consideration, talks with his wife and family, Frost decided to make his first foray into local government by declaring candidacy for the Leon County Commission, District 3. He is an outsider to the current political climate of Tallahassee and hopes to bring fresh ideas and a younger point of view to the county commission.

“Being the youngest in my race is defiantly a unique advantage, I say that because when you reach a certain age in politics you tend to disconnect from the college students of today. I understand a lot of the difficult challenges we as college students face,” said Frost.

He has been an active part of the Tallahassee community for many years, from working at a local company to coaching his younger brother’s youth baseball team. He enjoys seeking out and supporting local businesses and getting to know the Leon County’s citizens who own and operate them.

Working at a local company in the health insurance field has guided his outlook on working with others in the community and puts him in a unique position to be both young and knowledgeable on topics that affect our lives every day. His passion for sports has had him involved in local community sports for over a decade, both as a player and a coach. As commissioner, he hopes to continue the long-standing tradition of fair, fun recreational activities and Leon County’s many parks and facilities.

Having first met in kindergarten, Kyle married Kathryn Frost in October of 2017 at Mission San Luis. They spent the following New Year’s honeymooning in Washington D.C. to visit the many national monuments and Smithsonian museums. They currently call themselves the happy “parents” of two cats and look forward to raising their future family in Leon County.

To relax, Frost and his wife enjoy biking the many trails of Leon County, visiting Carrabelle beach, or catching up on the newest television show. Frost can also be found reading the newspaper, going to the gym, watching baseball, or listening to one of many podcasts he enjoys.