Local women discuss motherhood


A small group of women gathered inside The Moon nightclub Saturday afternoon for Red Table Talk Tallahassee, hosted by  Thais “Speaks” Wilson.

Red Table Talk Tallahassee was inspired by the Facebook series Red Table Talk, which was created by actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The Facebook series features her daughter Willow Smith and Pinkett’s mother, Adrienne. The series focuses on different issues that women face. The show also features guest appearance from a variety of celebrities.

The small, intimate event was filled with laughter, excitement and joy as women shared their experiences of being a mother and the issues that can arise.

Each woman was given the opportunity to give a brief introduction and describe themselves with a word that was given before the start of the event.

Topics ranged from the trials and joy of being a mother to expectations of motherhood.

A short episode of the Red Talk Table entitled “Motherhood” was shown, which soon after opened a discussion about the experiences of being a mother.

Wilson discussed how rapper Cardi B, who is a new mother, apologized for judging women who had children because she thought it was easy. She said she quickly found out that it was not easy.

Wilson shared her experience about lending a hand to a young mother who needed a break. Without hesitation, she opened her arms to the young mother and her newborn.

“Sometimes we get prideful and we don’t want people to know that we can’t handle something,” said Wilson. “Maybe we think we can handle it and we actually don’t have to. We have close friends and family that can do that for us.”

Other women discussed how helping someone in need can be a blessing to someone.

Wilson encouraged women to share their struggles and testimony.

“You’re going to help somebody,” said Wilson as she cheered on a guest to share her struggles in motherhood.

Many women gained a new outlook and a connection with other mothers who endured similar situations. Some women left with a different perspective on motherhood and the blossoming of what could be a start of lifelong friendships.

Tallahassee resident Kearra Butler sad this event has given her a new experience.

“I learned about networking and patience,” said Butler.

Tameka Polite also said this was a learning experience for her.

“I learned about communicating and motherhood,” said Polite.