A summer virtual reality experience


Fun and exciting things are happening in Tallahassee, and virtual reality is one of them.

L. Michelle Media, a Christian ministry and marketing company, introduced virtual reality to Kingdom Life Preparatory School students this past week during its summer camp.

L. Michelle Salvant, founder of L.MichelleMedia, loves to bring mission VR experiences to schools like this.

“Virtual reality is a way to experience far away worlds, places, adventures that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to experience unless you travel there. It allows you to have those type of experiences without ever leaving where you are,” she said.

Thirty youngsters attended the VR experience and were split into groups by age. Each group was able to experience virtual reality of the seven wonders of the world, FAMU’s Marching 100, and VR painting.

Students from the ages of 6 to 14 were excited and energetic as they explored their creativity and imagination through a new medium of life in technology. Every activity included VR headsets sponsored by Google, which supports phones with screens up to 6 inches and has a new button that allows it to work with any phone.

Co-founder Chris Salvant believes that virtual reality brings a whole new dimension that no one ever experienced.

“You name a virtual reality, it just really brings a whole new perspective that has never been seen before to a lot of people and it’s really about changing the world as we speak,” he said.

Summer camp student JoiAndria Magee learned that VR exposes people to different worlds and things that you normally could not do.

“Not everybody can travel around the world, not everyone can paint that well, not everybody can watch a FAMU concert, so it gives us ways to interact from the comfort of our own home and it gives us something to talk about,” she said.

To find out more about virtual reality, media and marketing services, visit www.lmichellemedia.com.