FAMU student Brian Thomas CEO of Digital Volt Entertainment


Brian Thomas is studying public relations at Florida A&M but considers himself to be an all-around entertainer.

He plays three instruments: piano, guitar and drums. He is a dancer, actor, singer and a songwriter.

 Thomas, 21, has followed in the footsteps of some of his idols Jay Z, Kid Cudi, Prince and 5he Rolling Stones and started his own record label. The label is called Digital Volt Entertainment LLC (DVE) and Thomas believes this is his own way into the industry.

“It all started when my girlfriend’s dad told me I shouldn’t be sitting around on this talent, I shouldn't be wasting my time in school with this talent. I should be hitting the ground running, chasing my dreams while I still can. It was then when I realized that I needed to start making moves that cater to my music career,” said Thomas.

Thomas, like most millennials, decided he wanted to start DVE because it is not in his plans to have to work for someone else. He aspires to be an entertainment mogul and be a motivation to others while simultaneously leaving something big behind for his daughter, Reese.

“I believe that Brian is a true visionary and genius when it comes to his music. Artistically and stylistically, I believe that Brian is in a class by himself. With the record label, I see unprecedented success in the future for the company. I believe that there is not a limit on what he can accomplish with the company because of his obsessive attention to detail in all facets of music,” Marcus Little, Thomas’ girlfriend’s father, said.

Thomas, his business partner JeMaris Warren, and his girlfriend Halle Little, so far are the only artists on the label. Little is the director of talent acquisition. Warren was granted an executive position by Thomas after they attempted to start an on-campus organization that ended up not going as planned. Together they plan to sign more artists and creative geniuses to DVE and become one of the most successful entertainment companies to ever do it.

“Brian cares about the art of music in its entirety. He has studied his craft his entire life and he’s dedicated his college experience to further preparing himself for the music industry,” said Warren. “He feels that being independent is his best chance to control his creative direction and he’s determined to create a huge legacy with Digital Volt Ent. With the talent, drive, and knowledge behind DVE, I have no doubt that this label will infiltrate the music industry and within a few years, become a dominant factor in the entertainment industry as a whole.”

Thomas’ dream is to leave a legacy behind for his daughter. DVE is a family business. When thinking of what legacy his family wanted to leave behind for baby Reese they decided it was best to create their own empire instead putting their time, ideas and energy into someone else’s.

“Brian’s relentless drive inspires me most about him,” said Little. “ ‘Doubt leads to failure,’ he so often says. The industry lacks real talent. The industry lacks perfectionists. The industry lacks genuineness, and Brian is all of those things.”