SGA at FSU holds roundtable discussion


 Students gathering in the Student Services Building to formally introduce themselves.


Florida State University's Student Government Association held a roundtable discussion Tuesday in the Student Services Building focused on issues going on in America today.

The meeting was hosted by six student agency groups: the Black Student Union, the Women Student Union, the Veterans Student Union, the Hispanic-Latino Student Union, the Pride Student Union and the Asian American Student Union.

Each group facilitated meaningful dialogues focused on an array of topics that ranged from gun control and campus environment, to the improper use of social media.

Historian of the student union and member of the Women Student Union, Lauren Gordon, spoke directly on a few of these issues.

"Gun control, that's a huge issue right now. Especially with the climate of our politics, it definitely needs to be changed; there definitely needs to be some sort of action,” Gordon said. "And with social media, people don't realize it has such impact on their life. For example, if you post something bad on Twitter, then you go apply for a job, if they see that tweet, you can lose that job just because of that tweet. People need to understand that it's important not to mishandle social media and use it in the right way."  

Students tend to grow numb to higher constituents constantly telling them to clean up their social media accounts. As a result, the SGA believes that if other students can convey the same message, it may resonate more with students.

Gordon concurred: "I think that's the beauty of this event, it’s a roundtable discussion so you get many different points of views. I feel like that already makes change because you're not only educating people, you're learning other peoples' perspective."

The Hispanic-Latino Student Union spoke more about moral issues, immigration and DACA.

 Assistant director of the HLSU, Odalyz Guzman, said immigration reform is her biggest concern.

"Family separation, the Trump administration, decisions on how to deal with Dreamers and DACA are the issues we plan on raising awareness to the most,” said Guzman.

Secretary of the HLSU, Delia Lopez, also had concerns about family separation at the border.

"It should be rightfully unlawful to separate anyone under the age of 18 from their parents," Lopez said. "I feel like there are people doing terrible things that are way worse than immigrants who are just minding their business and collecting a paycheck trying to make a living."

The SGA is trying to push the student body toward a higher standard of morale, awareness, and self-respect. For more information on the SGA, visit