Mayoral candidates discuss women’s Issues


(right) Dustin Daniels, Carrie Litherland, Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda, John Dailey, Norris Barr and Joe West listens to women’s issues

Monday night’s my-oral candidate forum was all about the women.

 Candidates running for mayor of Tallahassee had he opportunity to tackle women’s issues at an event hosted by Oasis Center for Women & Girls at the TCC’s Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education.

The Oasis Center for Women & Girls is a community resource center that focuses on bringing women and girls together from all walks of life. They offer leadership programs and counseling as well as support programs to all women and girls.

“I am so excited to see so many citizens actively engaged in issues impacting them,” said & Meagan Dordundy, chair of the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

The forum was moderated by Linda Davis with the League of Women Voters.

The discussion began with each candidate expanding on the issues and what might be done to solve them. Each candidate had a two minutes for each question.

Questions came from women in the audience that they wanted to be addressed by the mayoral candidates.

Candidates Joe West, John Dailey, Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda, Norris Barr, Carrie Litherland and Dustin Daniels all gave their opinion on women’s issues.

Candidates discussed problems on equal amendment rights, sex trafficking, poverty, financial stability and other issues.

“ I am supportive of the equal rights amendment,” Barr said.  “I will make sure in my administration that women are a part of coming to the table to discuss employment, education and support systems.”

Daniels also expressed his views. “I think the issue of the equal rights amendment is extremely relevant in this day and age,”  he said. “I think that it is aspirational.”

Other topics discussed were poverty and financial responsibility of women in the community and surrounding areas.

Dailey, who currently serves on the Leon County Commission, said there needs to be more done in the community.

“I would make sure that women owned businesses and minority owned businesses are strengthened and protected to ensure that they have a fair shot int the market locally,” said Dailey.

Barr also gave a spiritual suggestion. “I think the houses of worship should also be brought into conversation to address the issue of human trafficking,” he said.

Litherland, 25 and a single mother, also had her viewpoint.

“I want to be judged on my work product. The amendment allows us to be judged on what we are,”  Litherland said.

Closing statements from each candidate ended the forum.