Mac & cheese takes center stage at Happy Motoring


It’s perhaps the king of comfort food and America’s all-time favorite dish: Macaroni and cheese.

And now it’s a theme for a mini-festival. Happy Motoring hosted its inaugural Mac & Cheese Festival on Saturday in honor of National Mac & Cheese Day.

The festival included a $25 purchase of all you can eat mac & cheese from several vendors in Tallahassee including Tally Mac Shack, Madison Social, Township, Social Catering, and So Dough.

Many college students and local residents enjoyed the variety of samples as they discovered their ultimate favorite.

“I have the Cajun one from Mac Shack and its delicious. The flavoring and cheese itself is so good and the seasoning on it is fantastic,” said Gabby Hawkins.

“The gluten free gouda mac was the best one so far. It’s always good when you get to drink some beer and eat some mac & cheese,” said Danielle Nystrom.

“I like the mac & cheese sliders. It was really good. It’s got enough pulled pork and mac & cheese, it’s like perfect,” said Kristin Zapata.

All options of the tasty mac & cheese included: BBQ Mac & Cheese, Cheesubs Take the Wheel, The Florida Boil, Truffle Beer Mac & Cheese, Gluten Free Gouda Mac and Pulled Pork Mac Sliders.

Happy Motoring opened in late March at the corner of South Adams Street and FAMU Way, turning an iconic former gas station into a café and bar.

Amanda Morrison, partner of Happy Motoring, hopes to bring more people together in the community to have a good time and show what Tallahassee has to offer.

“Our goal for this space is things like this. Things that people can bring their kids, families, dogs, and friends out and enjoy the space, be right here in the heart of our downtown and just bring something new to Tallahassee,” she said.

About 250 people came to socialize at the festival for delicious mac & cheese, wine and beer, and put-put golf.

To find out more about the Happy Motoring visit its website