Lead with influence series features David Nelson


David Nelson believes there are practical ways to approach problems that both individuals and institutions are grappling with.  And he takes pride in making change happen. 

“Helping people change their behavior is the core of most problems that we face,” Nelson said.   “Our design of influencer is to try to empower someone to say if they see a problem in their life, if they understand some of the complexity of behavior change, can they change that problem? By understanding more about what actually makes behavior change,” he added. 

Nelson, a senior master trainer at Vital Smarts, was the keynote speaker Thursday at the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality Summer Speaker Series event. More than 50 people were in attendance at The Gathering.

The series provides training for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and the general public on how to lead with influence and promote the vital behaviors that drive success. 

Each activity in the presentation allowed the audience to engage and interact with one another to solve problems related to the topic lasting 3-5 minutes. Pamphlets were also distributed. 

Nelson’s role at Virtual Smarts is to teach or consult on the content from their company. The training, research, and consulting rounds are presented through four books including, “Crucial Conversations,” “Crucial Accountability,” “Influencer” and “Getting Things Done.” 

He said his interest in instructional design and passion for social sciences steered him toward the company.  

Many believed that the workshop was very helpful in their personal development and business. 

“Change is difficult and you have to be strategic in your approach to making change within the organization, family, or whatever the situation is. He has provided this training with some opportunities to really look at it in a way that brings a lot of positivity in the approach that you’re using,” said Quincy native Beverly Nash. 

“Problems can be addressed from different angles and it helps me remember to look not just at what the problem is, but to break it down and figure out what is motivating people who may not be performing in a way that we expect and try to get at the root causes and work on an action plan,” said Tallahassee native Paula Kiger. 

Complimentary drinks and a cash bar were available throughout the event. 

More information for business inquiries can be found at support@vitalsmarts.com