Accomplished attorney, Rey seeks county commission seat


Photo Credit: Carlos Rey

Carlos Rey has set his non-party affiliated platform for next month’s primaries with the phrase, “Seeking responsibility, not a title.”

Rey comes from a Cuban family and was partially raised in Miami. Now as a Tallahassee local, he has plans to instill trust in the government for residents, increase public safety measures and to improve economic opportunity in Tallahassee.

Rey obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Florida International University and a juris doctor, as well as a master’s degree from Florida State University. His believes his prior experience supports his candidacy.

Rey has had the opportunity to serve as assistant attorney general for the State of Florida for five years, where he has contested dissimilar forms of fraud within organizations. He currently serves a Florida state agency as an assistant general counsel. In this role, Rey oversees compliance with public records law, Sunshine law, and procurement contracts.

Rey has taken the opportunity to run for the seat of District 3 Leon County Commission to offer a different perspective on the board as opposed to his competitors.

“I want to serve the community in a higher capacity. They always say you eventually find your purpose and responsibility to take on life and I think this is a good opportunity to represent the community and the district in general,” said Rey.

 Accommodating his experience, he was appointed by Gov. Crist to serve on a Judicial Nominating Committee to assess judicial entrants.

Childhood friend and a free-lance journalist from Miami, Julian Dominguez, says Rey is the best candidate because he doesn’t have a problem with getting into the trenches and making everything doable.

“Carlos has a mentality that says that he doesn’t get defeated easily. He is open to reasonable conversation. (This makes him different from competitors in) not being particular in solutions, remaining loyal to his friends and being very family-oriented. He doesn’t believe problems should be solved at the expense of other people,” said Dominguez.

Being aware of the environment people are in and holding up traditional views are important ideas to Rey. He believes the residents of northwest Tallahassee are especially affected because of the lack of developmental changes within that area.

William Patrick is a senior writer and researcher at the Government Accountability Institute from Sarasota. He’s known Rey since 2010 as a professional colleague, and says that Rey will be an exceptional commissioner as he is a natural leader and impressively accomplished.

“If he is to be elected, his platform would be all about public safety, equal opportunity, and economic growth. He also believes everyone is deserving of the resources that he would like to offer. His family fled from Cuba and worked hard to get him to this point.  So he has also done this by emphasizing education through perseverance and, essentially, keeping the ‘American dream’ in mind,” said Patrick.

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