TOPS promotes healthy lifestyles


The temporary location of Friday morning TOPS
meetings for the summer located on North Monroe Street.

Every Thursday night and Friday morning, the TOPS Club, Inc. hosts meetings.

TOPS, which stands for “take off pounds sensibly,” is a nonprofit, noncommercial, national network of support groups throughout the United States that targets people looking to live healthier lives.

All ages are welcome, and there are three age groups included in each chapter. There is a group for children, teens, and an 18 and older group.

TOPS was founded in 1948 and has been positively affecting the community and motivating its members to keep off pounds ever since.

Barbara T. Hudson, the leader of TOPS in Tallahassee, said TOPS has helped countless residents.

“Most of the people that I know of are looking for a healthier lifestyle. For me, it’s about accountability. Going every week and weighing in helps keep me accountable,” Hudson said.

The meetings held weekly include private weigh-ins and updated nutritional and exercise facts. Each meeting is specifically molded for the chapter and involves chapter updates and programs.

Shelise Pease, a fourth semester FAMU nursing student, said she would like to be part of a health support group that inspires people like TOPS does.

“It is really hard to stay on top of your health as a college student. If I had the time, I definitely think that I would join a group like TOPS that holds me responsible for my weight and health choices.”

The next TOPS meeting will be held on Thursday, July 12 at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church, and on Friday, July 13 at the Senior Center on North Monroe Street.

On Aug. 10, the Friday meetings will move back to the original location at the Lafayette Community Center. Anyone interested is encouraged to stop by and ask questions during their business hours.

TOPS is open to anyone interested. “We can’t make anyone do anything, you have to do it yourself. We encourage and educate each other and everybody is welcome,” Hudson said.

Local dues are $3 a month but the first weigh-in is free.

For more information about TOPS, go to