Youth theater group performs play at FAMU


A group of young people from the Irene C. Edmonds Youth Theatre performed the play “Redemption Song” Friday evening at Florida A&M’s Charles Winter Wood Theatre.

Irene C. Edmonds Youth Theatre focuses on young people ages 7-16 who are housed within the FAMU Essential Theatre. This nonprofit group inspires and provides positive change through theater socially and individually.

The play was written and directed by James Webb, who has taught at Florida A&M University.

The play’s storyline revolves around the journey of a teen girl, Zoe, who navigates between pressure from her parents and peer pressure. She ultimately finds the balance between the two.

The play’s cast included youngsters who have been attending the Irene C. Edmonds youth camp.

“Redemption Song” was a crowd pleaser, with an almost sold out show. The auditorium rippled with laughter during certain segments of the show.

The play addresses the issues of peer pressure that kids are faced with today.

Webb described what he wanted kids to get from the play.

“Through this play, we want young people to understand that they don’t have to conform to societal pressures, simply because everyone else seems to be doing so. Instead, they can make choices that reflect their inner peace,” Webb said.

Sharon Drinkard, a local resident, said the play is one of the best she has seen.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The kids did very well being at the age they are.”

Another Tallahassee resident, Crystal Johnson, said the play dealt with real-life issues.

“In today’s society kids are faced with peer pressure. This play deals with those types of issues,” said Johnson.

“Redemption Song” performed its final show Saturday afternoon in the Charles Winter Wood Theatre.