Local business owner running for City Commission

Jeremey Matlow
Photo credit: Saorsa Images

Jeremy Matlow is known as a “pie guy.”

The owner of Gaines Street Pies and two other pizza shops in town, Matlow is eager to be known by another title: city commissioner.

The 33-year-old local businessman is one of five candidates in next month’s primary for the Seat 3 race for the Tallahassee City Commission.

Matlow is a product of the city’s south side.  He hopes to build a city hall that works for all sides of the city.

“I’m most excited about diversifying the economy, and doing that through government. I hope to have the ability locally to make a change,” Matlow said.

Matlow grew up with three siblings. He has worked in restaurants since he was 15 years old.

He attended Florida State University, where he majored in computer science. In 2013, he opened Gaines Street Pies and has been locally involved ever since.

Matlow, who has a wife, Sarah, and a 3-year-old son, Declan, said, “I grew up here, built Gaines Street Pies here and started my family here. I love Tallahassee but something has to change.”

Matlow hopes to bring more people into the political process and push more than one agenda.

He plans to bridge the economic divide, strengthen local businesses and grow in a way people are proud to call home.

“I have worked for Jeremy for four years and I can honestly say he will be a great candidate. He truly cares about his employees, businesses, this city, and the people and has shown it through his involvement and numerous charities. I could not be more excited for him to run and continue making our town a better place for everyone,” Robby Berkowitz, a former employee at Midtown Pies, said.

Despite Matlow’s many successful businesses and his admirable plans for the city of Tallahassee, he still faces challenges on his pursuit for City Commission.

“The big-money establishment at City Hall has always feared having to cope with a true champion of the people's interests, so they have been against him all along. But for us, we see that as a badge of honor and a source of popular strength that will help propel him to victory,” said Ryan Ray, Matlow’s campaign manager.

In the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3, Matlow is up against Bill Shack, Richard Garzola, Lisa Brown and Alexander Jordan. Among the five, Matlow was the first to file a spot on the ballot.

The primaries  will be held on Aug. 18, and the top vote getters will advance to the November general election — provided no one earns 50 percent of the vote next month.

“I believe when we work together, we can build a better city,” said Matlow.