Push is on to get students registered to vote


The Florida primary is less than two months away and the Florida A&M College Democrats organization is making sure students are registering to vote.

The FAMU College Democrats was rechartered during the spring semester. The club has more than five members with a passion for political advocacy.

 According to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections’ office, the county had 206,335 people registered to vote in the 2016 general election but only 155,005 people cast a ballot.

This year Floridians will get to decide who their next governor will be, and if Democrat Bill Nelson will continue to represent the state in the US. Senate (he is facing a stiff challenge from Gov. Rick Scott). A host of local races are happening as well.

“The 2018 midterm elections are crucial,” Taylar Hall, president of FAMU College Democrats, said. “This election can either allow the Republicans to maintain political control, or cause a blue wave allowing the Democrats to halt the speedy progression of the Republican agenda.

 “Although as an organization we push for democratic values, I think we all desire leaders who are truly servants of the people,” Hall added.  “As president of the FAMU College Democrats it is not only my responsibility to make sure that we push blue candidates, but I make it my business to personally ensure that the students on our campus are politically aware and have the opportunity to voice their concerns.”

The College Democrats, of College Dems as they are commonly called, has hosted several voter registration drives since the start of 2018 and during the summer they attended freshman move-in and freshman orientation. Students who live on campus will have to vote at St. Eugene, located on Gamble Street next to FAMU Village. FAMU College Democrats is not the only organization making sure students get registered vote.

Dajuh Sawyer serves as the central assistant director for the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP). CEEP is a national nonpartisan project that helps administrators and facility at colleges and universities. They also provide information on how to volunteer for political campaigns, and help register people to vote.

“2018 can be an upturn for the better,” said Sawyer. “Depending on who becomes governor, the 2018 elections can provide felons with the restoration of their voting rights.

  “It is important students play an active role in the voting process if they want to see change in their community,” she added.

The deadline to register for the August primary is July 30. If you want to find your voting precinct visit www.leonvotes.org or myflorida.com/elections.