Incredibles 2 an instant classic


After 14 long years, Pixar films finally created a sequel to its hugely popular movie, “The Incredibles." After its release on June 15 “Incredibles 2” grossed $80.5 million, and remains No. 2 at the box office.

The first “The Incredibles” film was released in 2004, written and directed by Brad Bird. Pixar animation studios produced the film. The film had its premiere on Oct. 27, 2004, and grossed about $633 million worldwide during its run.

The movie was centered on Bob, also known as Mr.Incredible. It shows him along with his family while they are forced to hide their super powers due to super heroes being illegal. Mr.Incredible’s desire to help save the world made this an extremely hard task. While Elastigirl stayed home with their children Violet, Dash and Jack Jack, Mr.Incredible would go out and fight crime.

While The Incredibles was a classic the movie ended with a villain named Syndrome destroying their home. While the family survived they were left with nothing.

“Incredibles 2” opens right where the first one left off. The family was in a motel, trying to make ends meet due to the unemployment and ban on superheroes. It was a struggle until they came across a man named Winston. He had a company whose mission was to make superheroes legal again.

The focus was on Elastigirl this time around. She fought crime and helped bring justice to superheroes.

While the goal of fighting justice was achieved, there were still trials that had to be faced. Mr.Incredible had to learn how to put his pride to the side, and stay home to watch his children. It showed the growing pains of raising your kids, and what truly comes with parenthood.

Overall the movie was a classic, and an amazing sequel to the first film.