Brothers need to be their sisters’ keepers


Florida A&M University is an institution that promotes equality for all of its students.

 Whether it be for students from different walks of life, or organizations based solely for specific genders, there is a group for everyone.

FAMU students are bound to intermingle with the opposite sex at this co-ed institution. With the joining of young men and women away from home for usually their first time, college in general can be a breeding pool for relationships of all types.

Many of the relationships, whether they be spiritual, emotional or sexual, are normally equally consented on by both sides. There are programs created and measures taken to ensure that students are as safe as possible when interacting with each other.

However, what happens to the students who don’t take heed to the definition of consent?

Because the current generation of college students is technologically savvy,  definitions become contorted into whatever the media is saying it is at the moment.

Sexual intercourse is a very normal and healthy human phenomenon that should not be frowned upon. Though it shall not be discouraged, intercourse of any kind should always be sanctioned by both parties.

While the institution goes to great lengths to protect its young men and women, the students play a vital role as well. It is imperative for the groups to constantly remind their members about what consent is, and the consequences of non -consensual sex.

It is my personal belief, that the young men at FAMU make it aware to their female counterparts that if they are wronged they can count on them for helpful advice and to be a barrier to negative retaliation if she decides to go forward with her claim.

Sidney Fleek, a junior at FAMU, believes that “the men on campus should do a panel discussion on if the ladies actually feel safe around us or on campus in general.”

Victims of sexual misconduct are often swept under the rug due to embarrassment and or harassment from peers. A young lady who asked to remain anonymous said that “I wanted to come forward about my abuse but was threatened by several of his organizational brothers that my time at FAMU would change dramatically in a negative light if I continued with my allegations.”

It is the duty for young men and women to hold each other accountable for their misconduct. The friend constantly joking about what he has done to a female without her full consent should not only be reprimanded but taught how to act in certain situations.

 Alphonso Robinson, president of Big Brother Little Brother, said, “When it comes to protecting our female organizations it really comes down to the males reaching out and making female organizations comfortable with being able to call any of us if they need help.”

The groups can help change the mindset of a young man but it all stems from his upbringing.

“These organizations can teach professional development, but they aren’t mental homes that teach psychology on how the brain works,” Osbee Sampson, a FAMU alum. saod.

No matter the organization that one is in, sexual intercourse is likely to occur. It is up to every individual to remember the correct definition of consent and to act accordingly. If students feel as though they have a voice to speak about their injustice the campus becomes better overall.