Belk event benefits local non-profits

Belk in Tallahassee Mall.
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Belk, located at the Centre of Tallahassee mall, is looking for non-profit organizations and charities for their charity day sale event on Aug. 25.  The event aims to raise money for organizations and charities as well as saving customers money when they come to the store on the day of the event.  It is an easy transaction and it helps the participating organizations.

 According to Alyshia Mercer, operations manager at Belk, the organizations will receive as many tickets as they want from Belk to give out to potential Belk customers.  The organizations and charities will sell the tickets for $5.  Each ticket becomes a coupon for the customer.  The customer will then have $5 taken off their total transaction while the organization keeps the money.  

“It’s basically a win-win for everybody.  So the charity sells the tickets, they get to keep all the money from selling the tickets, the customer who bought the ticket gets their $5 taken off their stuff, and they get to shop for reduced prices, and we get the business,” said Mercer. 

On the day of the event, all of the participating charities and organizations are expected to come to Belk and interact with the customers.  They also have the opportunity to get shoppers to buy tickets on the day of the event.  If the organizations and charities have shoppers buy tickets that day, they will split the money with Belk. 

“It’s a community-based event,” said Glenda Morris, the store manager at Belk.  There have been loyal charities and organizations like, the Boys and Girl Scouts, that have participated in the event since the beginning.  Belk decided to create this event 20 years ago.  Due to the changes the Tallahassee Mall has been experiencing, Belk’s sales have been declining, but is doing well enough to continue business. 

“It’s because of the loyal customers and the customers using the Belk cards, we’re able to continue, but we are down,”  Morris added. 

 According to Morris, this is the first time Belk will be doing the charity day event in the summer.  “We normally do this in the spring and in the end of fall.  We wanted to push for the summer because this is the time for back to school shopping,” Morris said.  

Belk is continuing its search for new organizations and charities to partake in the event.  They want to get 30 more charities and organizations to sign up. 

Ana Castillo, an intern at Belk, has been reaching out to different organizations.  “I’ve called around 50 to 60 non-profits, and around half of them told me that they’re interested,” said Castillo. 

Organizations and charities have up to three weeks to sell their tickets. Elk’s oal is to reach $120,000 from the event.  The last day for non-profits to sign up for the event is Aug. 13.  The event is on Aug. 25 from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.  If your organization is interested, contact Alyshia Mercer by her email or call 850-422-6200 ext. #210.