Foster Tanner hosts 6th annual Chinese art exhibition


Tallahassee Chinese Exhibition located in Foster Tanner Fine Arts Gallery.


Approximately 50 people attended the opening reception Thursday for the 6th annual Chinese art exhibition held at the Foster-Tanner Fine Arts Gallery. The annual exhibition featured traditional and contemporary Chinese art by visiting artists from China.

More than 30 pieces of were presented by Zheng Dai, an artist and professor of fine arts at Tianjin Academy and Sanshi Zhu, a conceptual photographer.

Curator and art professor Nan Lui hopes that students and visitors understand and learn the importance of Chinese artwork and different cultures.

“I try to bring the Chinese guest artists from China to showcase the multiculture here on campus, especially for our audience and bridge the Chinese and American culture together to show the university students and local audience how to learn from different cultures,” said Lui.

Zheng Dai’s artwork displayed on the second-floor included a series of ink landscape paintings that were inspired by European traditions. Her ink painting language follows a Chinese ink painting tradition, but with contemporary thinking.

“I spent seven years in France to study paintings and I would go back to France to paint a lot of landscapes,” said Dai.

Sanshi Zhu's conceptual artwork displayed on the first-floor included a 24-piece portrait of common people in Beijing. The piece titled “Frame,” represents the life of everyone and their dream. Zhu enjoys storytelling.

“I love telling stories. I do not like landscape, I like people. So when I direct a film or take photos I always stick to people and their stories,” said Zhu.

The 2018 Tallahassee Chinese Art Exhibition will be held in the Foster Tanner Art Gallery until July 28 and is free to the public.