FAMU nursing student launches eyelash business

For Kaprisha Hamm, a 20-year-old nursing student at Florida A&M University, it all started with her love of eye lashes.

 “A girl is not complete without her lashes,” said Hamm.

While the trends of both beauty and student businesses rapidly increase across college campuses, Hamm is spending her summer launching her new business, Kp’s Lash Lab. With her beauty certification, she installs mink eyelash extensions and has built a large clientele in less than a month.

“It was about time she did something with her talent. She’d be selfish if she didn’t share her beauty tips with the rest of the world,” said Nile Williams, a physical therapy student at FAMU and Hamm’s client.

At first, Hamm refused to do other peoples’ lashes. Even though she would spend hours watching YouTube videos and practicing, she never gave herself the credit she deserved. Until one day when she couldn’t take anymore of hearing her friends’ advice to start her own business.

“Being a full-time nursing student, and working a job, I couldn’t imagine creating time to run a business. I knew how much work it took and at first I didn’t realize how great I was until I noticed how beautiful I made my friends feel when I did their lashes,” said Hamm.

 With the current boom of eyelash extensions on FAMU’s campus, Hamm knows how much profit she could make by allowing her business to grow. However, it is not all about the money for her. Williams suggests that she prides herself in the quality of her product and the smile on her client’s face when they’re done.

 According to Pinterest.com, these “next level lashes” have made the list of the top global beauty trends for 2018. The allure of this fashion statement and the need of services have indeed dominated the beauty industry all year long and more common than ever.

Granted, students have been creating unique business for years now, Hamm advises other rising student entrepreneurs to make their passion their profession.

Hamm said, “Once you start making your job something you love to do, you’ll never be at work.”