Violent crime rates improve in Leon County


The rate of violent crimes in Leon County Florida has decreased by 15 percent within the last two years, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The number of violent crimes reached 2,112 in 2016, and dropped to 1,897, for a 10.2 percent decrease.

On Wednesday, June 20, a man was found dead in Aqua Palms apartment complexes at 1600 Old Bainbridge Road.

Officers immediately responded to the scene after being notified of the shooting. The identified person was 20- year-old Devante Robinson.

Amani Snapp, a resident at Aqua Palms, said she feels safe in her community, due to the fact that she lives in the front of the complex. “Nothing really happens near the office, because that’s where security spends more of their time. After living there for a year, it has not been too violent.”

 Snapp said the police have been called three to four times, but the issues get resolved pretty quickly.

This was not the first occurrence this year of a violent crime in an area heavily populated by students attending Tallahassee’s universities.

On Feb. 23, two men were arrested in connection with a shooting in the Commons apartment complex on Tharpe Street. The two men were arrested on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Officers arrived on the scene and saw two vehicles that were struck with bullet holes. According to the Tallahassee Police Department, officers searched the apartment and found two handguns, and a stolen AR-15 rifle. Officers learned that both of the men were involved in multiple shooting incidents in Lee County.

Officer Damon Miller, a spokesman for TPD, said that the majority of the crimes occurring in Leon County are burglary and theft. Gun violence occurs less often than theft. It is important to keep your car doors locked, he added.

Women need to be sure to keep purses out of their windows, because cars are also being stolen, Miller said.