New program at TCC targets working adults

Felicia Moore-Davis, an administrator at TCC, takes questions.


Tallahassee Community College held an informational meeting Tuesday to discuss its plan to help working adults.

Working-adults will be allowed to follow a guided pathway by taking six or seven credit hours per eight-week semester.  The leader of the meeting and administrator at TCC, Felicia Moore-Davis, described the Flex Path Program as a path targeted for working adults who want to continue their education and be better positioned in their work.

"When I say working-adult, I don't mean the 18 to 21-year-old. But maybe the 25 and older. Where life got in the way of their career and their education," said Moore-Davis "this is something that is designed to help them be able to manage it and get through it to graduation."

This is the first year the Flex Path Program is being used. TCC plans to kick it off for the fall semester.

 TCC created the Flex Program because of the large number of working adults employed and eager to improve their status.

 "The reports that we have suggest that there are many adults in our area that are in jobs that may become obsolete and the research is very clear that     education is necessary for jobs of the 21st century," Moore-Davis said. "And we would like to better position our community to be a part of that."

 A level of anxiety may exist with working adults because they may have spent too much time away from school. So transitioning back into school may be a difficult process. Moore-Davis attested to this by saying some students feel as if they've been out of school for too long and just believe that they can't do it.

"We believe in a growth mindset and we believe that certainly you can do it and we'd like to give people that opportunity,” Moore-Davis said.

One of the major programs that the Flex Path Program targets is business because TCC is in the capital of Florida.

Steven Dunnivas, another administrator at TCC, said the Flex Path Program will increase access to degrees valued by the state and therefore students     will wind up getting a better job and enjoying a better quality of life.

"There are quite a few folks that are trying to climb the state government ladder within these departments of revenue and departments of corrections or       whatever the case may be," said Dunnivas.  "The Flex Path Program will be geared to help those individuals."

 TCC wants working adults to believe that they belong in college having the opportunity to be educated and are willing to lend a helping hand through the   Flex Path Program.

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