FAMU student leaving her mark, one face at time


Most students have a hard time balancing classes, extra-curricular activities and other curveballs that life may throw, but some take on venturing out and starting new businesses. 

That is exactly what Erykah Clarke, a third-year health care management student who is better known as “Mochaa,” did. She turned something that was once just done for leisure into a passion. 

“Growing up, I always struggled with acne on my face. Once I got the acne under control I was left with acne scars, so I went to make-up to cover the marks,” said Clarke. “After a while I fell in love with makeup and it became something I was passionate about.”

Clarke started her business due to many peers asking her about who did her makeup and it was at this moment that she knew this could be something more. This is when the brand,“MakeupByMochaa” was brought to life.

“Freshman year in my SLS class, they named me Mochaa because of my chocolate skin. So that’s how I got my brand name,” said Clarke. “I have a love for chocolate girls and women of color.”

Kambria Thompson, a graduating senior at Florida State University spoke highly about Clarke’s brand. 

“What attracted me to becoming one of her clients is how nice her work is. Additionally, she was very professional which is always a plus and she also has a strict policy which is important in the business industry,” said Thompson.

Thompson also said she can sees Clarke’s passion when it comes to make up and beauty. 

Hailey Gascoigne, a customer of MakeupByMochaa, explained how sweet and professional Clarke was when it came to doing her make up. 

“I love her. She has great energy and she is great at what she does,” said Gascoigne. “I would definitely refer her to others and I will be going back for her to do my make up” 

One of Clarke’s goals is to become a professional make up artist and hopefully a celebrity artist. 

“I can definitely see her going way beyond Tallahassee,” said Shania Samuel. “She has come so far when it comes to make up and I cannot wait to see where she goes.” 

Clarke has recently started another brand called; “Mochaas Mink Collection” in which she sells and installs mink lashes for her customers. 

“I definitely plan to brand out and expand my business,” Clarke said. “Starting my very own cosmetics line is the ultimate goal. I really want to focus on a line for colored women because we have such a hard time finding shades and make up to match perfectly.”