Sophomore makes her mark in SBI


“Caring,” “ambitious” and “focused,” are three words Livi Grant used to describe herself on a daily basis.

The second-year business administration student has already left her mark on the School of Business & Industry, and she plans to continue her hard work and leadership. From her many accolades to internships with major companies, Grant stays motivated through her optimism and support from her family, friends and colleagues.

The youngest of three siblings, Grant says that she has always looked up to her older brothers. And although her parents are divorced, they have always encouraged her to be herself, and have remained supportive of even her wildest dreams. She also remembers keeping her creative, outgoing and talkative personality throughout her childhood. With such a strong support system at home, Grant was ready to go out into the world and take on any challenge, starting with college.

When first arriving at Florida A&M University, Grant’s path was undecided.

“Although both schools have outstanding programs, I was drawn to the School of Business & Industry after visiting FAMU for the 2016 Spring Preview. Everyone welcomed me with opened arms,” Grant said.

Grant does not regret making her decision to become part of the SBI program.

“The rigor of the SBI curriculum challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and to always be prepared –  academically and financially.”

So far, Grant has gained the opportunity of interning with the United States Golf Association at the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills, and with the U.S. Golf Cup with the BMW account team at Octagon. Also, after visiting the headquarters of Wells Fargo Securities, Grant secured her spot as a summer 2019 intern for the Wells Fargo Securities. There, she will serve as an investment banking and real estate finance analyst.

Additionally, Grant served as the community service eirector for the class of 2020 during her freshman year. She is currently a member of the university’s honors program, a member of the university housing court, and a recently initiated member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Inc.

“By achieving these goals and serving in these different roles, I feel blessed and I know that I must continue to work hard as I strive to be a better version of myself every day,” Grant said.

Yet, with numerous accomplishments already made and much more to achieve, Grant will continue to keep her family and friends as a support system. In return, they continue to encourage her and see nothing but success in her future.

“Livi is a hard-working, driven individual that goes after whatever she wants,” second year business administration major Morgan Dukes said. “I have no doubt that she will be successful in the future both professionally and personally. She has many goals and aspirations, and she is always taking the necessary steps to ensure that her future is bright.” 

With such a successful path thus far, Grant leaves a few tokens of advice for her peers.

“Push yourself to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and don’t let someone tell you that you aren’t capable — with enough effort and determination you can achieve your goals and dreams.”