3 Natives a refreshing experience

Photo credit: 3natives.com

Looking for something new and fresh to eat? Head to 3 Natives on West Pensacola Street and try something that might be refreshing to your taste buds. With a menu of over 50 items, there are plenty of foods and drinks to try.

I headed over to 3 Natives looking for something fresh and fruity, but also something that wasn’t overbearingly sweet. 3 Natives uses raw, natural and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Mango is one of my favorite fruits, so I ordered a V.O.T. acai bowl and it was love at first taste. With acai, granola, raspberries, mango, kiwi, hemp seeds, and shaved coconut there was a perfect balance of sweet and sour and just a little bit of crunchiness.

Not to mention the clean and relaxing atmosphere, but something about that V.O.T. bowl made everything seem calm and peaceful. It was truly a taste of heaven, or some sort of tropical paradise version of it. My V.O.T. bowl was so good that I called my father and told him to try it the next time he visits Tallahassee.

Since my first experience, I have been back to 3 Natives for the past three days, which is ridiculous considering how much the acai bowls cost. This leads to my only criticism, the high price. For a “small” acai bowl. The price is about $7 and for a large bowl it is about $10. However, for my newfound addiction, the freshness and flavor is mostly worth the price.

Other menu items include smoothies, cold pressed juices, wraps, salads and bagels. All menu items can be customized, and for acai bowls you have the option to create your own bowl with whatever want in it. 3 Natives is a fairly new franchise with locations only in Florida. However, more locations are set to come soon.

If you are looking to try it out, the 3 Natives in Tallahassee is at 3020 West Pensacola St. and the phone number is (850) 727- 4895. It is open every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Overall, 3 Natives was a hit. The service is fast and the food tastes fresh.

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Needs Work: Slightly lower prices would be great and there needs to be advertisements for such a great spot.

Details: Accepts payment through most major credit cards. Takeout is available. It is about 15 to 20 minutes away from campus.