Losing weight and gaining knowledge


 Adrienne Floyd decided to make a healthy transformation when she made it her personal mission to get in shape.

Originally from Jacksonville, Floyd came to Florida A&M in 2015. At FAMU her weight caused her to become depressed and was a huge stress factor in her life.

“While I was in school I always felt sluggish and tired. I remember coming home feeling down and out about my self image and would spend my time feeling depressed more than I would studying at times,” Floyd said.

Floyd’s weight loss journey did not begin until the summer of 2016. Floyd described her time dieting as “beautiful, honest and emotional.” Floyd stayed focused and set her goal and was dedicated to getting to her desired size. Floyd said she was over 200 pounds in 2014. On her journey she lost more than 55 pounds.

There were moments during this challenging journey when Floyd wanted to quit. “I broke down and ordered wings or whatever I could indulge in against my diet (her favorite cheat food is hot wings) because I wasn’t seeing results,” Floyd said. In January 2017 Floyd started her gym membership. When she joined Planet Fitness she worked out 4-5 days a week doing cardio and strength training exercises.

 “I decided not to invest in a trainer because I am my own trainer and my own self-love motivator above all. I began doing protein shake meal replacements for two meals and would eat one major meal that consisted of vegetables, chicken and brown rice.”

Eventually she eliminated meat from her diet made the change to being a piscatorial. The change in diet drastically improved her weight loss along with consistent workouts.

When asked if FAMU taught her any life lessons, Floyd said FAMU has taught her to step out of her comfort zone and make things happen. She described herself as a go-getter and a hard worker. Another thing FAMU has taught Floyd is to “motivate others and to know that regardless of the impact big or small, with the faith of a mustard seed I’m able to make a change for me and for somebody else who has a similar goal or weight loss ambition as I do.”

The motivation being Floyd’s weight loss was when she decided one day that enough was enough.

“After a few personal life crises events, I was tired of eating my way out of depression. I decided to get up and really go do something about this. I looked in the mirror, took a photo of myself and said. ‘No, it’s time to change the game up for me, my family, future children, and most importantly myself,’ ” Floyd said.

Her main goal was to go back to how happy she used to be. Happiness was the root of her motivation. Floyd also received additional support from her friends and family. Her parents taught her and her sister about eating healthy, which provided more motivation for her to work out and get fit. Along with her friends she received encouragement from her Snapchat followers who have seen her odyssey as she documents everything as motivation to them.

Floyd is making the transition to becoming a vegan along with staying consistent in the gym. Her new movement is called Imperfext 10: Built not bought. The name imperfect 10 stems from her goal of being a size 10. “I may not be perfect in everyone else’s eyes, but to me I love me, my flaws, my stretch marks and my body in general because I have worked so hard,” she said.

“Build not bought” was included in the title as it represents the consistency for her natural weight loss. Losing weight naturally inspires Floyd to not go under the knife (weight loss surgery). By having a natural transformation, it allows others who struggle with weight loss to know that they too can lose pounds as long as they are motivated and truly believe in obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Looking back on her weight loss Floyd said she would not change anything.  “I wouldn’t change my journey for the world. I went from battling my insecurities to now being a gym junkie and loving myself unconditionally. I always use the same photo of when I was heavier to compare to how far I have come today and I must say this girl is happy and living her best life because I believed in myself from the start.”