Graduate school next for this Rattler

Tatyana Siddeeq is a quiet soul doing major things. She is set to graduate next month after just three years at Florida A&M.

Siddeeq is a health sciences-pre physical therapy major, choosing this area of work so that she would be able to help people heal their bodies in a way that requires minimal surgery and medication.

Marcia Stewart-Thomas, the mother of Siddeeq, has high hopes for her daughter. She is impressed with what her daughter has done and will do in the future.

“My daughter is a very, very hard worker. Everything she has accomplished so far is more than I could ever ask of her. I have no doubt in my mind that she will continue to make me proud and further her education so that she can be as successful as possible.”

Siddeeq chose FAMU because she didn’t want to attend a predominantly white institution after attending a predominantly white high school, Suncoast Community High School in West Palm Beach. She also chose FAMU because her brother is a former student at FAMU.

Based on her high GPA and accomplishment of finishing school earlier than most students, graduate school is something very important and another one of Siddeeq’s goals.

“I applied to graduate school at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. I applied there because the school has a very good reputation education wise, and sports wise. In addition to the school’s reputation, their doctor of physical therapy program is a hybrid program that only takes two years,” said Siddeeq.

With the amount of support from her family and friends, Siddeeq is set to make everyone satisfied with the path that she has created.

“I have had multiple classes with Tatyana, and she is for sure one of the smartest people I know; she is the hardest working person I know. After getting to know her and forcing her to open up, I knew that she would definitely be a successful woman,” said Bryant Corley, a classmate of Siddeeq’s.

Many would say that she is a quiet as a mouse, only because she is observant and working to be great. “For some time now, Taty has always been to herself. She isn’t a person that attracts too much attention. Everything she does is low-key, and that works for he,.” said Stewart-Thomas.

 Siddeeq is clear about her goals after graduate school.

“After completing graduate school, I plan on using my degrees to become a pediatric physical therapist so that I can combine my love of working with children with my love for helping people reach their physical goals,” said Siddeeq.

In May, when Siddeeq leaves the campus of Florida A&M, her journey will continue, but the people who surround her will continuously give her the love and support she deserves.