Student organizations: To join or not to join?


You’re officially a freshman on The Hill, and you’re wondering how’s the year going to play out, if you going to make any new friends, will you see anyone from your hometown, and will you really have to study as much as all your high school teachers said you would in order to pass your classes.

 With all of that on your plate, you still make joining an organization a priority. 

Florida A&M University is an institution that constantly emphasizes to its students to get active and stay involved, whether it’s being told by an orientation leader, at spring preview, or through the resident assistant in the student’s dorm. While many students take to the advice of getting involved with nothing but genuine intentions, some have different motives behind joining various organizations. 

Raven Gaines, a recent graduate of FAMU, was involved during most of her time at Florida A&M, and through her involvement she’s encountered those who only joined certain organizations for personal gain. 

“The climate of joining organizations at FAMU has completely changed. People now join now just to have something to do or because they want to go Greek,” said Gaines. 

Its known-on campus that there are organizations that students use as a “gateway org” in order to get to the organizations they really want to be a part of. Students utilize these organizations to meet the criteria needed to join or participate in things like SGA, fraternities and sororities and the royal court. 

However, Student organizations can be an important part of your growth during your college career. Not only do they provide the resources needed to succeed in the world, they can put you in touch with some of the best people you’ll ever meet, building friendships that last a lifetime.

Monica Myrick, a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, said that she joined SAI due to her love of music, and her search for strong and loving sisterly bond. 

“I never thought I would love a group of people so much and receive so much love in return. Through this organization I’ve found my true self and gained some amazing sisters in the process,” said Myrick.

Student organizations can give you access to opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Being involved can be important to your attitude toward college and either make or break your stay. 

So, when seeking membership into any organization, students should do it with purposeful meaning and with true intentions.