FAMU grad poised to go viral on YouTube

Tia Coleman has been motivating and inspiring young women for a while now. 


The FAMU alumna first entered Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in 2012 as her class vice president and became a role model for young African American girls who dream of going to college and becoming a successful black woman. 

During her time at FAMU Coleman became a member of several organizations along with serving as a senator in student government. Shortly before graduating Coleman had her first child. Giving birth to her daughter added to her motivation to complete school and graduate in 2016 with her bachelor’s degree in pre-law political science.

“Being able to give birth to my beautiful daughter and graduate on time from FAMU was the biggest blessing to end my FAMU journey. I received so much support from my FAMULY and being able to inspire young soon-to-be mommies to keep pushing and that anything is possible was a heartfelt experience bringing MK into the world as my baby Rattler,” she said.

Coleman added another unique piece to her collegiate legacy during her time at FAMU, starting the Jacksonville Club.

 “I had the chance to develop the FAMU Jacksonville Club to cater to recruitment and active service for FAMU students from back home,” Coleman said.

Now Coleman’s brand has expanded as she has started her own YouTube and podcast channels (TiaVsFancyCash) to co-exist with her brand Fancy Cosmetics.

Fancy Cosmetics is a brand Coleman launched that offers products for women.

Raven Symone McMillian is a friend of Coleman’s as well as her head graphic designer. “Tia has a one of a kind personality,” McMillian said.  “She is very outgoing. She has a relentless go getter spirit and a heart of gold.” 

She added that Coleman‘s personality carries over into her Fancy brand.

Fellow Rattler Adrienne Floyd of Jacksonville has known Coleman since 2009 where they made the transition from Lee High School to FAMU together. She said Coleman has been an influence in her life. 

“She has served as a big sister, more than just a mentor to me since high school,” she said. 

Floyd said her favorite item at Fancy Cosmetics is the purple lipstick. “It pops out my lips and compliments my skin tone,” Floyd said. “Tia’s products are affordable and cater to young women of any tone complementing looks to feel fancy just like her.” 

Floyd added that Coleman has always been a motivator for others. Her natural persona is the reason for the 'fancy' name. “FancyCash has been a staple name since our Lee High days. She stuck to it because she knows what it means to hustle, budget, and still be fly. Tia has always used her 'Fancy' to the advantage of helping other women overcome their hardships, insecurities, and accomplish their goals in life by always having high self-esteem no matter who you are.” Floyd said. 

Coleman’s “Fancy” brand is becoming synonymous with her name. The 23-year-old entrepreneur recently launched her new podcast titled TiaVsFancyCash, which is now available on streaming platforms. Colemansaid her goal is to bring topics on relationships, life in and beyond college, business start-ups, social media influencers, and other hot topics. 

“TiaVsFancyCash takes the conversation beyond complaining and is solutions centered. With featured guests, this podcast delivers in connecting our young black society and business owners directly with their target audience,” Coleman said.

Colemansaid she wants to break barriers in the podcasting industry. “I anticipate pushback from others, those that may not understand my focus or stand to want to see me shine in an intellectual and outspoken light. To overcome this barrier, I will continue to shine and continue to network and gather feedback from my audience on topics of interest and importance,” Colemansaid. 

“I am a firm believer in supporting black businesses,” she added, “big or small, and that is something that FAMU has taught me. Networking is very important, and I use it to the advantage of wanting to expand the positivity and success for other FAMULY members as well as for anyone who reaches out to me. Most importantly, learning to believe in myself was something FAMU taught me and that nobody could take away my faith in my goals to achieve.” 


You can keep up with the self-proclaimed 
“Young Oprah” by following her Facebook Page TiaVsFancyCash or check out www.TiaVsFancyCash.ComFor products and other shopping inquires follow @ShopFeelingFancy on Instagram.