California wrong to defy the federal government


California has formally declared that it is a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants. 

This has thrust law enforcement in California into a tough position because of the laws that were set in place by the Trump administration.

 California stepped out of its jurisdiction by enforcing its own way of handling immigration, federal officials say, when that is an issue that is handled by the federal government. 

The state is now reaping the ramifications of their actions because lawsuits have been filed from both cities within California and the Trump administration. 

Many people do not agree with the state of California acting in the way it did by declaring itself a sanctuary state. 

The actions California displayed are deserving of the suits they are now receiving. Without thinking of how their actions can and will affect the economies of other states, or without thinking of the position they are putting law enforcement and citizens in, California has said it does not agree with the federal government. 

A FAMU nursing student said, “I do not agree with deportation, I believe that people should be allowed to travel for any period of time. These people are being limited and trapped in a box because they are not able to see the rest of world and experience what the world has to offer.”

Many people feel like deportation and the idea of not being able to see the world freely is a limiting idea. Many students at FAMU feel like this is the Earth and it is here for all of us to experience and share.

 However, the idea that people should be able to enter any country freely at will raises many safety concerns and risks. 

A FAMU industrial engineering student said, “I disagree with California acting as a sanctuary state. The problem is in order for America to be able to offer the great things that it offers, the reason why people want to be in America is because of the resources we have access to. If we keep allowing an influx of immigrants then our resources will be spread out among people who have never paid into the system. Both of my parents put blood, sweat and tears into building the economy and now I can reap the benefits. However, when someone who put nothing into the economy tries to reap the benefits I am not OK with that.”

Many people in America are against the actions displayed by the state of California, and many immigrants who went through the system and jumped through hoops are in alliance with cities like Huntington Beach in the suit against California.

Many students when asked also did not have much of an opinion. A FAMU psychology student said, “I see both sides of the issue. I understand how the immigrants feel and how cities in California feel. I do not agree with what California did, but I see why they did it. I do not agree with deportation either.”

This is a complicated issue, but Congress needs to get to work and resolve the issue.