Infidelity: More accepted than ever before

Just how common is cheating, really?

 According to, a 2016 poll revealed that 57percent of men and 54 percent of womenadmitted to committing infidelity in any relationship they’ve had.

That’s more them half. Let’s just let that sink in. 

When it comes to monogamy in today’s society the question of whether infidelity is more accepted than it has been in recent years tends to arise.

Let’s face it, from music to movies to social media, women as well as men glamorize being the person on the side and having a “side pieces.” In a poll taken on Instagram, out of 357 people 71 percent agreed that infidelity has become something that is commonly accepted while 29 percent disagreed.

 Reggi Nelson, a second-year information technology student at Florida State University, is among the many who voted. She believes it is more accepted today. 

“Women nowadays feel like they have to have a man and put up with it. Some women feel their value is a lot less now vs before,” she said.

 To an extant I agree fully with her. Although there are many liberated women who claim independence and feel they can do whatever, whenever and however as they please, and a man or marriage is not needed. 

There are still many women who feel a man is needed, and instead of being the woman who never gets married or never has a family, they settle. They settle for infidelity if that means having the life they want and having a man provide for them. 

Evlicia Smith, a fourth-year healthcare management student at Florida A&M University, was one of the few that disagreed.

“I wouldn’t say it’s accepted, however many people have their own ways of handling it. I’m not saying it’s accepted, it’s just not always worth walking away.”

 Social media have played a huge role in why infidelity can be seen as something that is more accepted today than before. Many “Instagram models” and socialites are glorifying being sugar babies, mistresses, and simply being one of many women dating a man as long as they are being taken care of.

 Taz’s Angels, for example, is a group of women who openly accept one man dating each of them, as well as openly accept one another being in the picture in exchange for being taken care of and having the “good life.”

 Whether you agree or disagree, I think society has become more accepting of infidelity than ever before.