Pineapple Express ready to roll

Sam Burgess became an entrepreneur upon graduating from FAMU last year with a master’s degree in sports management.

“The goal is to make money and become a millionaire,” Burgess said. 

He became a go-getter and decided he wanted to own his own stuff and make his own money.

Spoon University (A food publication featuring recipes and restaurant reviews) interviewed Burgess about Sam’s Pineapple Express.  This led to Sam’s Pineapple Express being voted as No. 31 of the 50 best places to eat in Tallahassee.

When asked how he came up with the name, Burgess said that the goal was to be unique and include Pineapples into everything. This includes not only the entrees available but even the beverages.  The idea for it is unique; it’s a treat for pineapple lovers.

  David Akintonde, 23, is also a FAMU grad. Akintonde has been a friend of Burgess’ for quite some time. When asked about how he liked the dishes at Sam's Pineapple Express, he said, "I’ve tried the famous pineapple and it was easily one of the most uniquely tasting things I've had. Aside from pineapples, Sam sells soul food plates which are completely underrated because it has been in the shadow of his original dish. If anyone hasn't tried a plate I would definitely recommend it. 

“Some of the hardships that Sam discussed were having a lack of resources when trying to get his initial start. He mentioned that he had to expand and find resources that would lead to re investing into him. Another hardship he mentioned is how costly things can be. Some of the things he covered ranged from expenses that you have to use for your business as well as the people you have to pay,” Akintonde added.

Osbee Sampson IV is an MBA student at FAMU who has known Burgess’ for five years. Sampson also has had the chance to try the Pineapple Express.

"It was a great experience — definitely something you have to try when you come to Tallahassee. It gives you a chance to adore your food right before you eat it,” Sampson said.

Burgess is focused on expanding Pineapple Express. He is currently located at the Alpha house on FAMU’s campus. He will be available for business starting April 1. For more information follow his page on Instagram @Sampineappleexpress.