Fake it till you make it at Fake Da Funk

The annual event that repeatedly brings out a massive crowd of students is set to take place in three weeks.

On April 19, the Michigan Club plans to host yet another revered Fake Da Funk show that many students at Florida A&M University consider a highlight of the spring semester.

Students in the Michigan Club decided years back to bring what they knew as Michigan culture to FAMU’s campus. In Michigan, high schools hold a yearly event called the Grammy’s, where students model their selves after their favorite superstars and lip sync a performance in front of their cohorts.

Jasmine Fowler, a graduating senior and Michigan Club member, said, “Fake Da Funk got started because back in Michigan we have this thing called Grammy’s — all the high schools have it— it’s where you get to perform and be whatever celebrity you wish to be.

“Traditionally, you give out awards. So for example, for the seniors, you would give out best dressed or best school spirit, things of that nature. We brought that here because that is an essential part of our Michigan culture and it’s something different for the campus of FAMU.”

Preparations and practices are already being held for this year’s contestants, and many of them say that this year’s contest will be one to not miss.

Janeisha Fanning, chair of Fake Da Funk, had this to say: “April 19, 2018! Doors open at 7:30! I suggest getting there when doors open for everyone! It’s going to be a great show this year. the theme is Apollo.”

The Michigan Club members display nothing less than satisfaction when it comes to the love for their home and organization.

The host for this year’s Fake Da Funk is Miss Michigan—Danielle O’Neill—a fourth year biology student from Detroit.

“I am excited to host a well-known event on camps as it is inspired by The Grammy’s, a similar event that takes place throughout Detroit high schools,” she said.

She then showed her gratitude towards her counterparts: “Michigan Club is a home away from home. A supportive network with individuals who can relate with one another with similar upbringings and views.”

Janeisha Fanning said she loves every Fake Da Dunk event that she has been part of, none no more than the other.

“I love every year of Fake Da Funk, it only gets better and better every year. New ideas are coming forth, more people are starting to get involved, and it’s fun to be a part of see how everything is going to turn out.”