Soul food a way of life for FAMU grad

Chef Ce’tia Hunter is a FAMU grad who has used her cooking skills to spice up life and start her entrepreneurial career.

During her time at FAMU she majored in public relations and minored in business. The 22-year-old is from Jacksonville, where she is also currently located. Having made special orders in Tallahassee and Jacksonville she has her eyes on Tampa for her next location. When asked why she chose FAMU, Hunter said that it was her best option and It became one of the best decisions she has ever made.

At FAMU she met fellow Rattler Téajya Carlton, who descried Hunter’s cooking as “soul touching.”

“She’s always been a great cook and actually loved it. The fact that she’s actually making money doing what she loves really brightens my heart,” Carlton said.

When asked about her life as a chef, Hunter said it all seemed natural. “It is not hard to do. It is very relaxing,” she said. “I always loved to cook and bake and watch people’s faces as they taste my work so it’s not a bad turn out at all. Every product I make I make it as if I would be the one buying it.”

Her friend Kennedy Matthews has known Hunter for four years and said that Hunter is extremely versatile with her cooking. “Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner it’s always exquisite.  For her to be so young any plate feels like your grandma’s cooking.”

As much fun as cooking is, Hunter said that being an entrepreneur is a different ballgame. Being an entrepreneur can be extremely tiring, she said. It’s important to have a genuine love for your product, she added.

She has faced some challenges getting started. Like many new entrepreneurs Hunter also works a full-time job (she’s a member care specialist at Florida Blue) in addition to being a chef, so her time is constantly limited. Time management is a key skill for those who are interested in taking the entrepreneurial path.

Her advice: “Understand that everybody is not always going to like your product and you’re not the only option. There is a Walmart everywhere. It’s also extremely important to know your crowd and when in Rome do as the Romans,” Hunter said.

Hunter learned some skills at FAMU that help her today. “What I learned at FAMU that I still use today, failure to prepare results in piss poor performance. You will fail, but pick your face up when you do and try again,” Hunter said.  “You are your brand, be your brand at all times. Be genuine in your actions and encounters with others. Get what you paid for and give people what they paid for.”

If you’re looking for Chef Ce’tia you can find her on Facebook or Instagram @ChefCetia. She says she will use social media to make announcements for pre-orders.