Nursing student also a businesswoman

Brianna Culler is a true example of a student-entrepreneur.

At the fresh age of 21, Culler is the CEO of BMinked lashes.

The St. Petersburg native and FAMU nursing school student began this journey last summer, and she is certified to apply mink lashes.

Culler learned how to do lashes from watching YouTube tutorials and searching the internet. She learned how to apply mink lashes in two days.

Now, she has her own tricks and techniques for this trade and is continuing to perfect her craft.

Thanks to her step dad, she had someone to invest in her business. He gave her all of the money that was needed to buy supplies and tools.

She started off doing her friend’s lashes and once she saw that her craft was getting better she began taking clients.

Now, she is able to charge $45 for a natural set and $55 for a full set. These mink lashes last about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how you take care of them. She plans to increase the longevity of the lashes so that people can get a little bit more wear out of them.

Her clients come to her and she does all business from her home. Her work can be found at bminkedlashes on Instagram. 

“As of now, I am BOOKED,” she said with a laugh.

She set her prices based on the fact that Tallahassee is a college town, but she also fixed them to where she would make a profit as well. 

“It’s kind of a luxury for us ladies, so why not be able to afford it?” Culler said. 

Culler also specializes in wigs. She makes wigs and sells them for $50. She started making wigs because she didn’t like how her stylists were doing her hair.

The first wig she made was a fail, so she came back a year later after continuously watching YouTube videos and finally got it down pat.

She plans to be a nurse and do lashes because she wants to help the ladies. She enjoys being the CEO because she can make her own schedule and she enjoys being her own boss. Her long-term goal is to open her own beauty bar in Atlanta.

Her close friend, Elise Glenn, said, “It amazes me how she excels in nursing school, work, and runs her own business. She is loyal, loving, and a young woman with a strong head on her shoulders. The epitome of a boss lady and she never disappoints.”

Culler is a businesswoman, a third-year, second semester nursing student, newly elected vice president of Kappa Psi Psi, a CNA, and she is the co-founder of The Daijha Lane Scholarship Foundation.

Culler’s mother, Brenda Washington, says that “Brianna is a young lady that has always possessed personal integrity/ She is optimistic in her work ethic. Her key characteristic is being a self-motivated worker and always willing to be a helping hand.”