1st round applicants, College of Education dean search

1st Round Applicants, College of Education Dean Search by Larry Butler
Caption: Dean search committee for FAMU College of Education
Credit: Larry Butler

The College of Education at Florida A&M University is moving closer to finding a new dean.

There are strict rules that the selection committee has to abide by in order to insure fairness and the utmost integrity in the selection for hire process.

What did come out of the search committee's meeting was a set date for the initial prospect meeting for applicants.

“After the last meeting, we did set a date of the 23rd, so this Friday, March 23rd is the initial prospect review meeting of the applicants,” Angela Coleman, Ph.D, chairwoman for the College of Education search committee said.

According to Coleman, most of the search committee will meet face to face Friday morning at 9 a.m. on March 23 on FAMU’s campus in the student activities conference room.

The first round of interviews will be held via teleconference. Greenwood Asher, the search firm hired to help find qualified candidates to apply for the FAMU College of Education deanship, will also attend the meeting.

The FAMU College of Education dean search committee is expecting a pool of over twenty applicants to screen in this first round.

Many of the search committee members express the main characteristic that they are looking for in a candidate for the dean’s position. “Years of successful experience at another institution.” Steve Chandler, Ph.D., Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation said.

“A good plan and a vision for whatever problem we have here, and that he or she could fix it.” Ghazwan Lutfi, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Leadership & Counseling said.

“Good leadership, building strong organizations for the future,” Rose Campbell, Ph.D., Faculty Administrator, Educational Leadership & Counseling at FAMU said.

The College of Education is running a tight deadline just like all of the other colleges on campus that are in search for a permanent dean.

April 20 is the closing deadline to accept applications.

Dean’s contracts start on July 1.

“We will find a dean, and we will get back to greatness,” Campbell said.