Stay motivated, and finish the semester strong

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It’s mighty easy to ignore schoolwork and label it premature slack senioritis.

Some of us have been in school for four or five years and even freshmen lose momentum by the end of the academic term.

But students can’t let end-of-the-year jitters tear their spirits into oblivion.

One way that I keep momentum is planning out my day.

Knowing that I have things to look forward to keeps me motivated and dedicated on that particular day.

A vision board hangs in my room adorned with pictures of inspiration that circumscribes the days of the week. I use sticky notes to tell me what’s due, what to expect in my day and timed quotes that will lift my spirits during a certain period of the day.

Staying organized has also pulled me out of disheartened waters. For a long time during the fall semester I treaded lazily, feeling as though classes were dragging the fine edges of my hair. It was gruesome.

I told myself that I would no longer let the semester winding down deter me from finishing strong.

I’ve also utilized the idea of timed activities. I set an alarm for almost everything that I do, in hopes that those reminders will keep me alert.

Those peaceful yet sometimes dreadful rings also carry affirmations that I tell myself.

By the time you see the alarm that you set Sunday for Friday, you’ll have probably forgotten what it was. So seeing “I am enough” or “I work for my desires because there’s no room for regret,” roam across my screen, keeps my inner being stimulated.

I’m a true believer that thoughts manifest themselves into things.

Thoughts are powerful and are a silent form of energy. Surrounding yourself with positive words throughout the day may keep your drive pumping until it’s time to cross that stage in May, or finish that term paper in April.

I also spend nights chatting with friends, learning and sharing with them. Other motivating forces always are a surefire way to keep me up and at ‘em.

So whether it’s meditation, alarms, planners, and intellectual talks with friends or a solitary tour of our beloved campus, stand firm in your motivations and know what you are here for.

I was supposed to graduate this semester, but because I transferred, I now have to prolong that beautiful walk across the stage. That alone could discourage a person from pushing on, but I see it as an advantage. If I look at it as an extra semester of experience and learning instead of a forced situation, I will persevere inevitably.

Transform your discouraging thoughts into those of tenacity.

Catch you later Rattlers!