Fresh is better than frozen: The myth that won’t quit


Most of the times when we hear the word “fresh” in front of any type of food we automatically tend to think it’s better or heathier for us. Well that might not always be the case when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

There seems to be a common belief that frozen foods aren’t as nutritious and beneficial as fresh products. In fact, some are often surprised when I consider frozen fruits and veggies to have some more nutritional benefits compared to fresh foods. Unless the fresh fruit is picked locally and is in season.

You have to think about how this “fresh” produce may have traveled several days from the time it was harvested to the time it gets to your local grocery store.

Due to time and climate change during the time where these goods are being transported the produce will lose some of its nutritional value, and that won’t take long seeing that fresh produce is picked closer to when its fully ripe.

On the other hand, frozen food, especially fruits and vegetables, will often be harvested when riper. The harvest is usually early in the day, so the fruit or vegetable is packaged and frozen by the end of the day or sooner. This short time between harvest and being packaged frozen maximizes the retention of nutrients.

Monique Whitter, a mass communications student at University of Central Florida, said, “I was always taught that if it’s fresh that’s the best way to go even though it can sometimes be very pricey.”

The fact that frozen fruits and vegetables are often more reasonably priced than many fresh items is yet another benefit for frozen goods.

Also, unlike canned goods, frozen vegetables are less likely to have added sodium, and frozen fruits are less likely to have added sugar in them.

An additional benefit of frozen is the wide assortment of fruits and vegetables available. Frozen foods provide the opportunity for consistent variety in meals and snacks, plus a wider source of essential nutrients, no matter the season.

Andrea Dunkley, a physical therapy student at Florida A&M University, said, “I myself I prefer frozen because I don’t have to worry about it spoiling so fast and I can eat it large or smaller portion sizes.”

I think that people should definitely keep in mind that the myth about frozen and fresh foods should remember that it’s just that, a myth. Frozen foods without question have benefits, because frozen foods can provide quick, easy, economical, and nutritious options for healthy eating for everyone.