Moricette elected president of Student Senate

 Picture taken at the senate meeting during the elections.
| Photo credit: Albert Hayes 

The student senate has made its decision for the Legislative branch leaders for FAMU’s 48th Student Senate. The elections for senate president and president pro tempore took place Monday in the senate chambers.

The current Senate Pro Tempore, Rochard Moricette, was selected the senate president-elect, while Junior Senator Jaelen Jackson was chosen senate president pro tempore-elect.

During the branch head election portion of the senate meeting there were two candidates for the senate president position, Rochard Moricette and Taylar Hall. The candidates for senate president pro tempore were Jaelen Jackson, Xavier McClinton, Briana Orsborne and Taylor Young.

Each candidate was given about six minutes to campaign in front of the senate body before a three-minute question and answer period with the chance of another three-minute Q&A period.

The results of the election are as follows:

Senate President: Taylar Hall, 12 votes; Rochard Moricette, 16 votes.

Senate President Pro Tempore: Jaelen Jackson, 8 votes; Briana Orsborne, 6 votes; Taylor Young, 7 votes; and Xavier McClinton, 7 votes.

Senate President Elect Moricette said,

“I want the student body to receive an incomparable experience in the upcoming academic year as we spearhead initiatives that will enhance their overall FAMU experience. We will strive to implement new support services for Rattlers and make responsible decisions with our constituents in mind. All action taken by the 48th will be done in the best interest of FAMU students.”

Photo of Senate President, Rochard Moricette
Photo provided by Rochard Moricette

Senate President Rakeem Ford had a simple message for the senators:

“Trust your guts and remember you are the voice of the students who elected you,” he said.

Senate President Pro Tempore-elect Jackson said,

“I want the students to receive a transparent student government, which according to several student surveys, has not been a priority within this past year—that is very troubling. I have learned that the students are not aware of the power that they hold. The students are the chief stakeholders of this university, and without them there would not be a FAMU. I intend to utilize my grassroots experience in order to entice my constituents into campaigning and lobbying on behalf of what really matters: transparency from our student government, our administration, as well as transparency from our Board of Trustees.”

Senate President Ford said, “I would like for the senate to become more transparent with the student body and to fund more clubs and organizations.

The student body is expecting leaders who work. It has been said many times in past administrations and during Monday’s senate meeting, there is not much trust from the student body to student government.