PrimeTime impresses every time


It was on a Monday night, with dozens of restaurants in town to choose from; that my taste buds led me to my favorite upscale sports bar with a twist.

PrimeTime, a restaurant and sports lounge on West Tennessee Street, has come to be one of my personal favorite spots to eat and watch sports.

Upon arrival, the aroma of grilled foods and cocktails filled the lounge area as loud noises and roars came from large crowds sitting at the bar.

The dress code is casual, as are the vibes. The servers are very polite and well mannered.  

Accompanied by my best friend, I decided to sit toward the back where the lights were dim and there wasn’t much noise. Our waiter quickly approached us and asked if we would like to start off with any drinks or appetizers.

The menu at PrimeTime is extensive. However, I go there so often that I didn’t need one to know exactly what I wanted to order.

The drinks were buy one, get one free – so we decided to order our favorite, a Hennyrita. A Hennyrita consists of Hennessy, French orange cognac, orange juice, sweet & sour and fresh lime. We also decided to share a side of buffalo chicken dip before our meal.

PrimeTime has two full, exclusive bars. The countertops are frosted,  which keeps your drink cold once you put it down. They offer the buy one get one free drink special through the week and 50 percent off drinks on the weekends.

When it was time to order dinner, I decided to go with the O.G Chicken sandwich,  which comes with fried chicken breast, fresh pickles, PrimeTime sauce , a rusted bun and a side of fries. As for my best friend, she ordered the traditional buffalo chicken wings with a side of fries.

Several minutes later our food arrived and I couldn’t have been happier. The chicken sandwich was massive; needing to be boxed up and taken home an hour later for leftovers. The chicken breast was savory and tender while the buns were soft and buttery. The fries were crunchy and well seasoned. We washed down our meal with a second Hennyrita.

Our waiter was proficient and he knew the menu well. He came back to check on us several times and ensured that we were enjoying our food and ourselves. The prices are plenty reasonable for the quality offered. I have continued to be impressed by PrimeTime’s service and I hope it lasts.